Indurit Flow is a hydraulic mortar that offers all guarantees for the realization of a protection for heavily exposed floors. Ready for use, self-levelling and simple to apply, this product combines the best mortar qualities thanks to great quality components.

A quality mortar to protect your concrete floor

Being a mortar assuring an optimal protection to a floor exposed to intense traffic, Indurit Flow is a mortar realised with a simple but effective chemical compound mix. Thanks to the combination of mineral aggregates, resins and additives, this product is the best ally of privates or professionals desiring to prevent the deterioration of surfaces of many types.

In fact, Indurit Flow is especially fit for the application and preparation of floors that are going to receive the application of thermoplastic, resin or paint. Ready for use, it levels autonomously, which facilitates it application. Accessible to everybody, its use is simple and its walkability obtained only 12 hours after the application.


A simple, fast and effective application

Indurit Flow is intended for the renovation of cured concretes. The treated surface must have an adhesive strength of 1.5MPa. Before all treatment, it must be prepared by shot-blasting or shaving. All dust must also be removed to ensure the best adhesion of the product.

After having prepared the support, the mortar is put in place at a rate of 8 to 50kg/m², that is to say the equivalent of a 4 to 25mm thickness. Before, an epoxy primer without solvents (for example Prim Epoxy) is firstly applied, and then silica sand (0.4-0.8mm, depending on the wanted result) is scattered onto it. The excess of sand is removed after hardening.

After having hoovered the excess of sand, you can start the application of the Indurit Flow mortar. You must firstly mic the product with clear water and mix it during at least 3 minutes with an adequate mixer. The quantity of water to add must be of 5.5-6 litres by 25kg bag. Once the paste is obtained, it is poured and spread on the totality of the surface to protect, at the rate of 8kg/m². When the mix thickens, it is advised to add water, the processing time being of 15 minutes and the hardening time of 90 minutes.

To be optimal, it is advised to apply Indurit Flow at temperature between 8°C and 30°C. It is preferred to be put in place with a pump to obtain a defect-less smooth concrete.

If Indurit Flow is easy to apply, the material that it necessitates is simple to clean (with water), it must not be forgotten to respect elementary safety rules such as wearing gloves, a mask and glasses, but also to ventilate the room where the product is being applied.