Degadur is a fast hardening methyl methacrylate product range.
Exclusive distributor of this product, RCR Production is specialized in the sale of this product conceived by the EVONIK Group.

Intended for professionals, the Degadur products allow both floor application and surface protection thanks to a conception with multiple properties.

Degadur is a range of methyl methacrylate fast hardening product for professional use. It has been conceived to realise floors in a simple and effective way, but also for the creation of mortars and products intended for the protection or reparation of surfaces.


A resin of great quality with multiple properties

The Degadur resin range offers a variety of properties that makes them suitable for use in many fields. Their specificities allows them to be used in exterior as in interior, and to face diverse kind of stresses.

The first quality of methyl methacrylates resin is their great resistance to chemicals. Their application is also adapted to industrial facilities and surfaces keen to receive such substances. Aside from being impermeable, these resins also resist acids and usual bases: they are ideal for the realisation of floors in the filled of agro-food or viticulture. Furthermore, the Degadur range offers an excellent adherence and a strong resistance to flexural and compressive strength. It is also advised to use these resins for heavy duty warehouses or fabric floors, notably with an intense traffic and heavy loads. Anti-slip and anti-dust, the Degadur resin is simple to apply and maintain. It fully corresponds to the need for the shortest immobilisation time on a job.

A versatile product with several fields of application

The DEGADUR FR quality has been certified by the IPRU (Impact, Punching, Ripping/scrapping, Wear) performance classification form CSTB, the DEGADUR CS also having been classified with a note. The composition of the resin allows the creation of scattered self-levelling mortars conceived with monomers, acrylic prepolymers and mineral aggregates ensuring an outstanding resistance.

Thanks to the many resin qualities of the Degadur range, its use is possible in various fields of application. They are adapted to many types of surfaces under an important traffic, notably agro-food industries, collective use facility and shops.

The outstanding resistance of Degadur Resins makes it the ideal solution to realise floors intended for heavy use and wearing, such as parking lots, access ramps or mechanic workshops. They can also be useful for the conception of a collectively used surface, such as a central kitchen. To be fully efficient, the Degadur range resins must be applied on a 3 to 4 mm thickness. Thanks to its expertise and knowledge, the RCR Production France company distributes the Degadur resins in an efficient and fast way, thanks to its reactivity and to the attention of its technical department.