Indurit Mortar is designed for producing adhesive screeds prior to the application of final synthetic coatings (EP, PU, MMA resins…) and many other types of coatings.

The floor of your buildings is a strategic place. It is the most stressed part of the structure and the one that supports the whole weight of the building. For it to be both solid and aesthetic, the use of a good quality mortar must be adopted.

The INDURIT M system has been designed for this purpose. For floors, driveways and other highly stressed spaces, the INDURIT M system remains the solution that suits you best. Excellent quality and affordable price on all budgets, so we could summarize the system INDURIT M.

The INDURIT M system has been designed with unique materials to make solid and robust screeds that withstand the weather for a long time. Thanks to its adhesion superior to 1.5 MPa, the INDURIT system adheres very effectively to all the substrates on which it is applied. For all reprofiling of substrates, whether new constructions or older buildings to bring up to date, this material will meet all requirements. For renovations of old buildings, the INDURIT M system allows you to benefit from a material that will give them a new breath and make them resistant to the first years. To have these results and to benefit from a complete adhesion, it is necessary first to very well clean the support which will accommodate the screed.


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