Rinol Cryl is a mortar composed of monomers, acrylic prepolymers and mineral aggregates intended to protect surfaces in the agro-food field. Self-levelling, it takes the form of a scattering product and is very simple to apply.

Rinol Cryl, an ideal agro-foor coating

Rinol Cryl is a agro-food coating allowing to protect effectively all types of floors, concretes or similar surfaces. Designed with an MMA base, Rinol Cryl is conform to European standards for food and beverage industry.

Rinol Cryl possesses several qualities than make it the ideal ally for all heavy-duty floors. Easy to apply, impermeable, imperishable, anti-slip and presenting a consequent flexural and compressive strength at the same time, Rinol Cryl is a product that can be applied in many various fields.


Thanks to its fast hardening and its good resistance to acids and usual bases, this mortar can suit collective. facilities, food and beverage industries, mechanic workshops as any kind of job. Rinol Cryl also offers a strong adherence and impedes dust accumulation.

Rinol Cryl application steps

Of simple use, Rinol Cryl is fully efficient when it is applied on a 4 to 5 mm thickness. To obtain an optimal result, it is advised to not use it under a 3°C temperature and to respect the following steps. 1. Rinol Cry is applicable on concrete slabs and asphalt with an adhesive strength of at least 1,5 Mpa, free from dust and relatively dry (tolerance for floors with hydraulic bonding is 4% humidity, 0,5% for anhydrides).

2. Prepare by shot-blasting the surface on which the product is to be applied. If grinding and shaving are possible methods, it is not advised to use them, as they are less effective. Mix the product with an electric mixer until the obtention of a homogenous paste. Spread then Rinol Cryl with a spatula or a rubber spreader, at a rate of 250/500g/m² (quantity depending on the support’s rugosity).

3. Proceed the scattering of the mineral aggregates (form 800 to 1200g/m²) to give Rinol Cryl a good adherence.

4. Apply the main layer at a rate of 3200g/m² as soon as the primer layer has hardened, but isn’t totally polymerised. The mixing ratio is parts silica, 3 parts resin. The mineral aggregates RINOL Quarzit must be scattered at a rate of 3600g/m².

5. Hoover the exceeding sand and finally apply the finish layer after the hardening of the main layer. Rinol Cryl must be applied at a rate of 500g/m². Rinol Cryl dries in 4 hours and can be used directly after this delay.

Rinol Cryl is an effective agro-food coating to protect concrete slabs and asphalts under high stress. Versatile, it can be used in various fields of application, as the MMA resin quality optimises the surface resistance on which it is applied.