Product essential for the realization of strongly stressed floors, Agrochap is a mortar of which efficiency offers rock-solid surface to the floor it has been applied on. Its use, more professional than private, allows the conception of an extremely strong floor in industrial facilities, notably in the agro-food sector.

A polyvalent mortar

Agrochap is a polyvalent mortar for professionals. Its composition is, by itself, the proof of its quality: it is indeed composed of modified hydraulic compounds to which emulsified copolymers, mineral and calibrated pigments and aggregates have been added. The combination of this elements allows not only an easy application, but also to give the surface on which it is applied an outstanding impact resistance.

That is why its application is specifically advised for heavy duty floors in industrial facilities, especially in the agro-food sector. It s indeed characterized by heavy loads and intense traffic. Agrochap, thanks to its impermeability to various substances (chemicals, blood, urineā€¦), gives protection to floor coatings in various industrial environments such as slaughter-houses.


It can also be used in places where spillage of elements such as oils, fats, salts, sugars or brines an occur, for example in breweries or industrial fishery.

A quality product for an outstanding resistance

Agrochap mortarā€™s qualities are multiple: dependable, it ensures protection of the coating against elements likely to damage or stain it. Anti-slip, it prevents fall risk due to accidental fat presence, offering at the same time safer movement to employees and machines, that, therefor, donā€™t risk to slip. Agrochap suits very diverse situations and activities, thanks to its versatility and its capacity to resist extreme temperatures. It can indeed be used without problem at temperatures as high as 80Ā°C.

Agrochap is a useful product it can also be aesthetic. It is available in 5 different colours: so, a warehouse can feature a red floor or an elegant grey depending on the aesthetic taste of its manager. This mortar can thus be perfectly integrated in its place of application, bringing at the same time an exceptional resistance.

Undeniable and multiple advantages

But it has even more advantages. Simple to apply, Agrochapā€™s mechanical resistance is fully effective 28 days after its application. This mortarā€™s property corresponds to multiple needs. Thanks to its water-proof and imperishable nature, it suits perfectly spaces with very strict sanitary conditions. Anti-slip, odorless but also anti-dust and non-absorbing, this product composed of hydraulic bonding agent and synthetic resins guarantees to the agro-food and industry professionals an always clean floor, that is also resistant to compression, abrasion, and all kinds of chocs.