A major brand specialised in mortars for industrial flooring and internal design, Indurit’s notoriety has grown proposing high quality products. Thanks to its experience in construction, the brand is today a reference for professionals in the building industry.

A practical and standardised mortar

Centre piece in construction, mortar is the base of Indurit’s work. This company offers many coating solutions for the industrial and agro-food sectors, for irreproachable hygiene, of floors and walls. Among the star product form the company: Indurit.


Induritt is a mortar designed for professional use, designed with a modified hydraulic bonding agent, with emulsified copolymers, mineral and calibrate pigments and aggregates. Agrochap is designed to resist industrial traffic and suits the most diverse concrete platforms, as it is a floor easy to wash and maintain. Respectful of the NF EN 998-1 norm, notably in regard to compressive strength and water absorption, the Indurit Mortar is dedicated to professional use for industrial jobs but can also be used for modern interior decoration. Its smooth and seamless aspect makes the mortar timeless and aesthetic.

Concrete was the base of the buildings in the Antiquity, but today Indurit engineers contribute to a new development to obtain the ideal mortar for constructions that defy time. The average mortar consumption is 1m3/individual/year, which highlights the importance of its utilisation. Indurit Mortar is a perfect blend of modified hydraulic bonding agents, emulsified copolymers and mineral pigments to which are added calibrated aggregates of an average 10mm dimension. The French brand offers a large range of product, available in five colours, such as grey, yellow, red…

The assurance of a durable product

Designed in Indurit’s laboratories, the material distinguishes form other products by its infallible adherence, its compressive strength and its resistance to impacts and abrasion. It suits every surface and represent a product of exception for the building industry. With the Indurit Mortar, professionals have the guarantee of an odourless, anti-dust, anti-slip, inalterable product.

Available on the market since decades, the French brand has known a constant evolution thanks to its constant research, orientated towards the use of controlled and handled substances, for the greatest respect of our environment. The interest for the company is to bring ever more performant solutions to industries and professional users. From a practical point of view the, very malleable, screed can bee applied within a 12 hours period of time. The drying time is a week-long. The product is used mainly in industrial facilities, but it also suits perfectly mechanic workshops, warehouses and external platforms. Some contractors even use Indurit mortars for pavements, docks…, counting on the effectivity and solidity of this material.