Indurit Spray is a product intended for coating manufacturing of low thickness. Simple to use, it plays both a decorative and a practical role.

A simple coating with many qualities

Indurit Spray is manufactured with a simple mix, composed of powder based on hydraulic bonding agent and water-based resin. Suitable for spraying, this coating is adapted to external and internal use, over old or new surfaces.

Indurit Spray allows the combination of the pleasant and the useful, decorating the surface it also protects, thanks to the many available shades.

From natural grey to orange, by way of stony yellow or red, Indurit Spray is proposed in different kind of colours, to the end of integrate perfectly in all kind of places, may it be professional, private, with dark or bright shades. This coating is also available in natural grey, slate grey, brown and off-white.


A product of easy utilisation

Indurit Spray is a bi-component coating of simple use, that necessitates tolls adapted to its spraying. A compressed air equipment, containing a compressor and a pistol with a reserve tank, is ideal for the application of this coating. The first utilisation phase of Indurit Spray is the preparation of the support to be treated. It must be perfectly clean, free form all trace of substances that could impede its bonding with the product. It is advised to fill cracks with a width above 1mm, saw cut joints and to respect construction and expansion joints, that will have preferably been closed with the help of filling product such as Roc Ragréage Epoxy or MMA.

Once the surface is prepared, it should be primed with Roc Latex, or Roc Prim if applying on tiles. Mix then 4kg of the Indurit Spray powder compound with one litre of resin with a manual mixing, for at least 2 minutes. Let it rest for a minute, then mix it again for another minute. Spray the product (of grey appearance), at a rate of 2 to 3 mm by layer. The first layer will dry in about 3 hours with a 20¬įC Temperature. Once dry, spray again the product, by putting in place the desired frame and taking care of the junction. This second layer will use the pigmented product. Finally, protect to protect the layer, you must spray a protection resin such as hydroprotec.

Indurit Spray must be applied at a temperature between 5 and 30¬įC. The material can be cleaned with water. Even if this product is not dangerous, protect your hands, face and eyes during its utilisation. Indurit Spray powder is available in 20kg bags or bucket, while Indurit Spray Resin is sold in 5 or 20kg cans. These products can be stored for 6 months, when protected from humidity. It is possible to walk on the floor only 12 hours after it has been applied.